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Native of Shreveport, Louisiana he was partially raised in both Shreveport, La and Dallas, TX. He was nominated in 2023 by the AMG awards as the best upcoming rapper in Southern Soul. This artist brings a new flavor to the Southern Soul blues.  CUZNJED raps over blues tracks with soulful singing melodies bringing it all back to his Louisiana roots, with basslines, guitars, 808’s, r&b and zydeco top off with a blues feel to performances on his tracks. This feel-good music puts CUZNJED in a lane of his own. His first debuted single called “Louisiana Soul Food”  made the Top 10 Southern Soul Charts and circulated on the radio and in clubs. In 2023, he released his second single called Dip, which also debuted in the Top 10 on the Southern Soul charts in which circulated throughout the tailride scene


Louisiana Soul Food
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Inspired by an upcoming “Louisiana SoulFood Fall Festival.” This song has become the Anthem. In this song CUZNJED describes growing up in Louisiana at a time when the Black Church was a gathering place for the Black community and Louisiana Soul food was the tie that bind the family together. This Southern Soul HipHop blues artist brings a new flavor to the blues. CUZNJED raps over blues tracks with southern soul melodies bringing it all back to the Southern roots, family, and structure in this song with basslines, guitars and soulful, bluesy vocal performances.
Mz. Judy
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Mz. Judy gets them out of there seats and Line Dancing. This song has a Southern Soul sound while CUZNJED raps over the track. The melody is catchy with Prince Hodge singing on the hook coupled with a groovy bassline. This definitely another club banger. Mz.Judy and is now circulating throughout the southern states.

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This jam have them hitting the dance floor with a new dance called Dip. Dip has been described as good time music in its purest essence. The song featured the viral zydeco recording artist Koray Broussard and with Broussards button accordian, Dip has been described as the best zydeco accompaniment in a southern soul song for 2023.


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2/13 Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday Parade and Food Truck Festival - Shreveport, LA

2/17/24 Sweethearts & Soulmates - Dallas, TX 8 pm

2/24 Michael “Gofer” Diggs Street dedication - Shreveport, LA

3/30/24 CookieTime Live B-day Bash - Dallas, TX 8 pm​

4/13/24 Mz Judy B-day Bash - Dallas, TX 9 PM

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